When We See You

About When We See You lunar blog

When We See You is a sporadic blog that began in 2021 by Jack O’Flynn that explores the Tarot from a lunar lens. Every post is written over the course of two weeks in line with a moon cycle, posted on a new moon or full moon. Each card is re-created in collaboration with an artist and a meditative piece of writing is formed exploring the cards potential for insight and healing.

The Tower

When we see you We are shaken Trembling on a ground of waves ~ to upset, to reveal, to liberate A cascading Tower looms tall. A lightning bolt cracks a hole through the sky. The crowned roof comes falling off. A man dances on his hands. The Tower is perhaps the most feared card inContinue reading “The Tower”

The Lovers

When we see you We are chosen The diamond sky is full of arrows ~ To relate, to decide, to be torn Three figures stand enmeshed behind a brilliant white sky. A tangle of coloured robes and arms push and pull in different directions. There is a young man in the middle and a youngContinue reading “The Lovers”

The Chariot

When we see you  we are ready following blue horses under stars ~ To be confident, to be guided, to face A young man stands in a chariot. They are drawn by two blue horses and carry a wand in hand. They look ahead, under a veil of stars. The man in the chariot looksContinue reading “The Chariot”

The Magician

When we see you We become Changing pearls to half moons ~ To create, to combine, to play. A Magician stands at a table, surrounded by loose, unfurling flowers. An array of tools, cubes, and half moons are spread out before them. They look back, remembering something. In their hand is a yellow pearl. TheyContinue reading “The Magician”


When we see you We release Opening pain to the wind. To open, to resist, to express. A woman holds a lion’s jaw under a yellow sky. She wears floral string across her head and a white gown that descends to the floor.  The lion looks up, licking her wrist, teeth gnarled.  Her expression isContinue reading “Strength”

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