About When We See You

Jack O’Flynn (he/him) is an Irish artist, yoga teacher and nascent Tarot practitioner currently based in Bergen, Norway.

When We See You is a gathering space and portal for different strands of healing practices from Tarot, yoga, psychology, art, poetry, astrology and mysticism. The lunar blog is an exploratory practice, taking what I learn from my ongoing reading and research, and applying to it a creative approach and critical lens.  Each post searches through one Tarot card at a time, for the mysterious, poetic and, healing messages to be discovered, in line with a moons waxing or waning cycle.


photo by Lizzie Urquhart

About the Tarot

I see a Tarot spread as a divinatory poem, that can be created in a moment of authentic questioning and sensitive listening. At its best, the archetypes and messages communicated to the querent can unlock hidden parts of ourselves and shine a light in a direction for us to move toward, allowing for new meaning and integration in our lives.

If you would like to book a Tarot session please get in touch by email. I currently read with the Rider-Waithe-Smith deck and can offer Zoom and in person readings by donation.

About Yoga

I discovered Ashtanga Yoga in my early 20s after being introduced to the practice by my mum, Rionach. Since then I have been lucky to have practised in different studios around the world and been inspired by great teachers. I am particularly grateful to have met my teacher Rosina Bonsu in Glasgow, and been inspired by her to try teaching myself. I believe in the transformative power of Yoga and feel it’s an honour to share this practice as a teacher.