Jack O’Flynn (he/him) is an Irish artist, yoga teacher and Tarot card reader currently based in Bergen, Norway. When We See You is a gathering space for different strands of my work from Tarot, Yoga, Art, and Writing.

photo by Lizzie Urquhart

About the Lunar Blog

When we see you lunar blog is a project begun in 2021 by Jack O’Flynn. Taking one Tarot card at a time from the Tarot de Marseille’s major arcana, I seek to understand the card through writing, and art-making. I collaborate with another artist to re-create the card, we do this by pulling cards with them, and seeing which ones they respond to. Usually, we pick 2 to 3 cards to work with. I give them full creative license to interpret them as they wish, with the only request being to leave space in the middle, for me to draw the card’s main image. 

This project’s initial platform was this blog, but it is currently growing, shifting, and as the Tarot is won’t to do – pointing us in unknown directions. When we see you’s art collaboration has become a nomadic space for exchange, learning, and creation. The results of When we see you’s collaborative work and text will soon be showing themselves in different ways.

Current collaborators are Connie Hurley, Tamara Macarthur, Lisa Rytterlund.


For inquiries, comments, and collaborations message me at Whenweseeyouyoga@gmail.com

You can find my work as a visual artist at Jackoflynn.com and instagram.com/jackaoflynn/