Jack O’Flynn (he/him) is an Irish artist, yoga teacher and nascent Tarot reader currently based in Bergen, Norway. When We See You is a gathering space for different strands of my interest and work in the healing arts.

photo by Lizzie Urquhart

About writing

My writing is currently focused in exploring the intersections of Yoga and Tarot. In particular; the ways in which the imagery found in Tarot cards can teach us or reflect yogic principles and vice versa. I am interested in communication that is led by my somatic awareness, guided by the poetics of the unseen and beyond.

About the lunar Tarot project

Since 2021 I have been exploring the imagery of the Tarot from a lens heavily inspired by my experience as a yoga practitioner, and artist. This found expression in the online presence of the When we see you tarot project. Taking cards from the Major Arcana of the Tarot de Marseille as a point of exploration, this project asks: what do we see when we look at the card that sits before us? When we see you searches for healing, mysterious and affirmative messages hidden in the cards, the accompanying texts created for each card are communicated from a poetic lens, and guided by pragmatic clarity, with the hope to speak to those who are searching for something in an open, playful and non- dogmatic approach.

Each post and accompanying artwork was created in line with a moon cycle, posted on a new or full moon. Aligning the work to the natural rhythm of the lunar cycle; to its reflective space, and guiding light has been central to the flow of this writing project.

The art-making side of the project is done in the spirit of playful collaboration. Artists have been invited to create ‘Cards’ out of materials of their choice, leaving a blank space in the middle is the only brief for the project, to allow me to draw the card’s main image. Artists so far have responded by decorating and interpreting the outer edge of the card. The resulting image Is a playful interpretation of the imagery found in the Tarot de Marseille.

Collaborators so far have been Connie Hurley, Tamara Macarthur, Lisa Rytterlund.



Since my Ashtanga yoga practice began in my early 20’s I have been lucky to have been influenced by a variety of teachers from across the world. I am particularly grateful to have met my teacher Rosina Bonsu in Glasgow who encouraged me to begin teaching myself, after which I completed my 200HR teacher training with my mother Rionach O’Flynn in 2019 in Ireland. Over the years I have learned from and taken workshops with many teachers such as Kia Naddermir, Laura Grace, Kathy Cooper among others. I continue to learn and study as a teacher and student of yoga.


I was first introduced to the art of reading cards by Tarot reader and Astrologer Lucy Porter, after an impromptu meeting in London led to my first revelatory Tarot reading. In 2020 I chose to pursue the art of reading myself, taking her training course in Tarot reading for others. Since then I have been inspired by the work of Camelia Elias, as well as the writing of Alejandro Jodorowski and Jessica Dore among others. I am excited to continue to evolve and grow as more teachers and approaches come to my awareness.


For inquiries, comments, and collaborations message me at Whenweseeyouyoga@gmail.com

You can find my work as a visual artist at Jackoflynn.com and instagram.com/jackaoflynn/