A Tarot reading is a co-created space of questioning to search for answers and guide into the unknown, using the archetypal and poetic imagery of the Tarot.

As a reader, I pay special attention and focus to the question asked and look to the cards for advice, answers and insight that may be offered.

I see a Tarot spread as a divinatory poem, at its best, the archetypes and messages communicated to the querent can unlock hidden parts of ourselves and shine a light in a direction for us to move toward, allowing for new meaning and integration in our lives.

I currently read with the Smith-Rider-Waithe, and the Tarot de Marseille.

Email Reading

6 Card spread with the Tarot Marseille

10 £ /100 Kr

Usually 3-6 Cards

Email readings can be a great way to get a insight on a problem, topic or consideration in your life. Best suited to a clear, concise question. After you have emailed your question and paid you will receive a photo of your cards along with a detailed written reading of the cards pulled.

Email Whenweseeyouyoga@gmail.com to order

In-Person reading

6 card spread with the Smith-Rider-Waithe Tarot

100 kr

Usually 3-10 cards

I am excited to offer in-person readings from my home in Bergen, Norway. Come with a question, confusion, or open curiosity and we will pull cards, explore together and search for answers.

Email Whenweseeyouyoga@gmail.com to book a time.