Tarot testimonials

My tarot reading with Jack was deeply poetic, affirming and, directive. Jack balances the fine line between the concrete and the abstract with poise and precision. I like how Jack tells a story and brings you along. It’s not fortune telling, it’s a modern day fable. I felt so held by his wisdom, I acted on his observations that same evening.’

Lucy Porter (email reading recipient)

I had a very nice experience meeting with Jack for my Tarot reading. Felt you took my questions seriously and you gave away a generous amount of time to read and answer the questions I had. And the space felt so nice with the lovely scent of insence! It made me feel more relaxed.

Eleni (in person Tarot reading recepient)

It’s pretty wild to come back to your reading, especially because I will have it forever in my emails. In the past, readings were temporary, and only my memory would hold them. What I enjoyed about yours in that I could have different readings of your reading through the months, it kind of changed something, things crystallised for me. It’s such a beautiful present you have given me. It’s absolutely wild to read your words today again, as EVERYTHING is on point, the unlocking, the cups of knowledge… My question was really broad but you answered my question when I was too shy to ask specifics.’

Elina (email tarot reading recipient)

Yoga Testimonials

“Jack guides his classes with much presence, care and ease. They contain both softness and strength and the focus on the breath allows me to feel very much connected to the body and the room as a whole. It has felt releasing and vitalizing to attend the classes, a much-welcomed reset to body and presence during the workday.” 


I went to Jacks yoga class at KMD. When I told my friend about the class I told her it was the best yoga class I’ve been to in Bergen. Jack is such a good teacher. He leads classes with good energy, with a deep focus on breathing and movement that makes you feel calm and with a lot of new energy after. The meditation part of the class is really powerful too. I would recommend his yoga for everyone.”